Ancient Rome maps

ancient rome city map

Ancient Rome city map

A beautiful 16" x 24" map of the city of Rome during the Roman Empire. The map is printed on museum-quality photo paper using archival ink rated for 80+ year fade resistance and is shipped in mailing tube to prevent bending.

roman empire map hadrian

Roman Empire map under Hadrian

The 12" x 18" poster by PosterEnvy contains an 14" x 11" map of the Roman Empire under Hadrian in c. 125 AD when Emperor Hadrian rebuilt the Pantheon and the wall in northern Britannia. The place-names are in Latin and the map shows the systems of roads (viae) in good detail. The map can be used as a classroom poster. It is very durable being made of thick paper with a water-resistant satin coating.

roman empire map north africa

Roman Empire map including North Africa and Middle East

This 20" x 24" map by the New York Map Company includes North Africa and the Middle East during the Roman Empire. The place-names including the names of the provinces are in Latin.

roman empire map germania

Germania (Germany) map during Roman Empire

This 10" x 8" (25 x 20 cm) map is a high quality photographic print. It is based on the 1878 Encyclopedia Britannica (9th Edition Vol I New York, Samuel Hall).

ancient iraly map

Ancient Italy map

This ancient Italy map is available in 44" x 35" size. It is based on the 1875 Classical Atlas and the map of ancient Italy is engraved to illustrate Mitchell's ancient geography. Great to have at home or in the office.

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