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lorica hamata roman armor

Lorica Hamata Roman Chainmail Armor Costume

The lorica hamata (chainmail armor) and the lorica segmentata were two types of body armor that were used by the Roman legionary on the battlefield and that allowed him to be flexible while being able to withstand heavy sword blows. The Lorica Hamata Roman Chainmail Armor Costume by Nauticalmart is a superb replica of the Roman chainmail armor. It is made of alternating rows of 9mm riveted and solid 18 gauge mild steel rings noting that original Roman suits were made from bronze or iron. The armor comes oiled to ensure quality and long-term maintenance. This lorica hamata replica is lined with premium leather piping which is folded over the edges and stitched through. This chainmail armor is fully wearable and can be used as an attractive display.

niedermoermter roman helmet

Armor Venue Roman Niedermoermter Helmet

This Roman helmet is a replica of the Niedermoermter Helmet, a 3rd century AD Imperial Italic type helmet, that can be viewed at the Mainz museum. The Niedermoermter Helmet had hinged cheek pieces, a deep neck protection and was heavily decorated. This replica helmet is hand-made with attention paid to details and with good quality materials. It weights 5.5 lbs and fits a head with a circumference of up to 24", is 16" long and measures 8" from ear to ear.

roman shield

Roman Republican Shield

This Roman Republican Shield is an accurate replica of a Roman shield (scutum in latin) during the Republican period based on historical research. The shield was the main form of body protection of the Roman soldier. Having no shield almost meant guaranteed death. The shield was used to deflect missiles targeted at the soldiers and to protect the soldier from the impact of hand held weapons such the sword. Shields were also used to create a shield wall (tustudo) by soldiers during an advance.

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