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fall of the roman empire
The Fall Of The Roman
Empire (1964)

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The Fall of the Roman Empire is a 1964 historical epic starring none other than Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd (who also played in Ben Hur), Omar Sharif, Alec Guinness, James Mason, Christopher Plummer and Mel Ferrer. The movie was shot in Spain and involved thousands of figurants. For example, one battle scene involved 8,000 soldiers and 1,200 horsemen! Also the set which reconstructed the Roman Forum still holds the record for being the largest outdoor set ever. Even though the movie was not a success at the box office back in 1964, it is considered by many critics as an excellent movie in the "sword and sandal" category.

The movie is called "The Fall Of The Roman Empire" but it actually takes place in the 2nd century A.D., centuries before the actual fall of the Roman Empire. However, it describes events which will later lead to the actual collapse of the empire. The movie starts in the winter of 180 A.D.. As a reminder, 180 A.D. is the last year of Marcus Aurelius' reign (reign: 161-180 A.D.) with co-emperor Lucius Verus. Marcus Aurelius is in the northern territories on the Danube frontier with his troops fighting the German barbarians.

With him there is general Gaius Livius (played by Boyd). Livius is the lover of Marcus Aurelius' beautiful daughter Lucilla (Sophia Loren) and also a good friend of the emperor's son Commodus (Plummer). He is surprised when he hears that Aurelius wants to make him his heir. Emperor Aurelius has egalitarian ideals and dreams of the day when all men in Rome are granted equal rights. It is worth noting that Marcus Aurelius was historically known as the Philosopher and that he even wrote a book called Meditations.

Emperor Aurelius trusts that Livius can achieve this egalitarian ideal. When his brutal son Commodus finds out about his father's plan to disinherit him, he is very deeply hurt and his friendship with Livius becomes sour. Before he has a chance to announce his successor, emperor Marcus Aurelius is poisoned by Commodus' political friends. Commodus becomes emperor and Livius lets it happen as he knows he has no chance of ever taking power without Aurelius' backing. Note that Commodus was historically known as a brutal emperor who executed many Roman citizens, participated in gladiatorial combats and who had a decadent private life. All the previous emperors before him were known as the Five Good Emperors. In the movie, Commodus undoes all of Aurelius' policies (a historical fact as well). He taxes the provinces heavily in favor of Rome and Italy breaking with the previous tradition which consisted in treating the provinces as equals.

The Fall Of The Roman Empire: the movie describes events leading to the fall of the empire

Livius' army wins an important victory on the northern frontier and manages to capture the German chieftain. Livius then decides to put Aurelius' policy into effect, namely allow the German prisoners to become farmers in Italy thereby encouraging the other barbarians to cooperate with Rome and not fight it. Commodus, who hates his deceased father, disapproves of this policy and his furious when he finds out that Livius disobeyed him. He sends Livius back to the frontier which is tantamount to a banishment from Rome. Lucilla who was on Livius' side is sent to Armenia and married to the king there.

Livius is eventually recalled when a rebellion breaks out in Rome's eastern provinces. Livius then finds out with horror that Lucilla is behind the unrest. Lucilla tries to persuade Livius to form another state opposed to Rome but Livius who is loyal to Rome and who respects Roman civilization refuses. Livius crushes the rebellion and scores a victory.

Commodus sends word to Livius that he is to be made joint ruler of Rome. But he wants Livius to brutally punish the populations of the provinces. Livius refuses. He then returns to Rome with Lucilla and with his army and orders Commodus to abdicate. Commodus bribes Livius' soldiers and massacres the German populations thereby ensuring centuries of animosity between the Germans and Rome.

The Senate makes Commodus a god and sentences Livius and Lucilla to be burned alive as a sacrifice to the new god. Later Commodus challenges Livius to a duel. Livius kills Commodus and the Roman Senate offers Livius to become emperor which he refuses. In his eyes Rome has become too corrupt to rule.


The movie plot is excellent and so is the acting. We also appreciate the huge budget spent on the realistic movie set, the impressive battle scenes, the beautiful images of life in Rome, etc. Even though a lot in the movie is fictional, a lot is also true. Commodus was indeed a brutal emperor who fought the Marcomannic wars against the Parthian Empire (in the east). And Aurelius was indeed a good emperor with many ideals and dreams. We believe that it is one of the best ancient Rome movies ever produced and a must-watch for all Roman history buffs.


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